Healthy Soil and Water Workshop

Monday, February 22, 2016
Mid-State Technical College
500 32nd Street North
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

At the Healthy Soil, Healthy Water Workshop, farmers and others in the Wisconsin River Basin heard firsthand from individuals involved in locally-led efforts to build soil health, conserve nutrients, reduce erosion, and improve water quality.

Keynote speakers Ray “The Soils Guy” Archuleta and Dr Eric Carson shared important information to help us understand the context of farming in Wisconsin. Workshop sessions featured local ag producers speaking on the day to day challenges and rewards of incorporating conservation practices into their operations, including no till, strip till, and cover crops. The workshop also featured producers involved in farmer-led conservation, as well as citizens and municipal and county staff involved in efforts towards healthy soil and water.

AGENDA            (Workshop Materials including photos and videos)
8:00 AM               Welcome Breakfast
8:45 AM               Introductions/Welcome
8:55 AM               Opening Remarks
                                  Presenter: Peter Manley, UW-Extension
9:15 AM               Keynote: “Rearranging Wisconsin’s Landscapes: The Roles of Rivers and Glaciers, and the History of Glacial Lake Wisconsin”
                                 Presenter: Dr Eric Carson, UW-Madison
10:15 AM           Breakout Sessions
11:45 AM            Lunch
12:30 PM            Breakout Sessions
2:15 PM              Keynote: “Healthy Soil Means Healthy Water…and Healthy Profits — Soil Health Talk and Demonstration”
                                          Presenter: Ray “The Soils Guys” Archuleta, Nat. Resource Conservation Service
3:45 PM               Discussion – Where Do We Go From Here?
4:15 PM               Closing Remarks
4:30 PM               Adjourn