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Who Benefits by Closing the Gap in BadgerCare?

The Urban Institute estimates that 181,000 Wisconsinites would gain eligibility for BadgerCare if the state takes advantage of the opportunity provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Read the full report they issued with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) early this month.  It examines the make-up of the population that could gain coverage if […]

Changes to Wisconsin’s BadgerCare+ program beginning this month

Wisconsin residents covered under the state’s BadgerCare+ program have experienced some changes, the first of which took place July 1. Some changes within the BadgerCare+ program, particularly those involving premium increases, began as July 1st, 2012. Some changes may not occur until a family renews their BadgerCare+ coverage. Children are not directly affected by these […]

BadgerCare Plus Changes in effect July 1, 2012

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) announced these and other changes to the BadgerCare+ program that will go into affect on July 1, 2012: Some adults who receive BadgerCare+ may see an increase or new monthly premium payment if their income is above 133% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Some families who have […]

Wisconsin Oral Health Program: State awards $850,000 to increase access to dental services

Nine safety net dental clinics will receive $850,000 as part of a state budget initiative to increase access to oral health care, state health officials announced today. “This funding will allow these clinics to increase staffing and expand services to more individuals in need of dental care services,” said Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis […]

BadgerCare Plus: Who’s Eligible, for What, and at What Price?

A new version of “BadgerCare Plus: Who’s Eligible, for What, and at What Price?” has been completed, and can be found on the WCCF website. Appendix 1 provides a table comparing the benefits available in the Standard Plan and the Benchmark Plan. Appendix 2 provides a number of examples of how to apply the tables […]

Analysis of impact of Wisconsin budget bill cuts on low income families

I recommend the following factsheet developed by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families.  While they are an advocacy group, I’ve always found their data analyses to be accurate and unbiased. Here is their latest on the impact of Wisconsin budget bill cuts, including cuts to BadgerCare Plus, on low income families:

Funding BadgerCare Plus in tough economic times.

Read here to see Guy Boulton’s article in the Journal Sentinel outlining difficult options facing Wisconsin and other states on how to solve budget deficit issues while following through on a commitment to working families and holding steady on mandatory regulations in the recent health care legislation.