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Governor Walker chooses a federal Exchange for Wisconsin

Governor Walker announced yesterday that Wisconsin would not pursue designing an Exchange, the marketplace through which many will be purchasing their health insurance plans starting next fall.  As part of Obamacare all states are to have such marketplaces up and running.  It is each state’s choice as to whether or not to design and implement […]

Congressional GOP Planning Rollback Of Individual Health Law Provisions

Kaiser Health news reports that Republican members and staff are examining how to target individual provisions through budget reconciliation.  Read the summary of each article at Kaiser Health News or get the story from a variety of different sources in the full articles: Politico Pro: Gaming Out Repeal By Reconciliation Louisville Courier-Journal: Mitch McConnell Vows […]

US Supreme Court’s Health Care Reform Decision, and What Does It Mean?

Covering Kids and Families has detailed answers to YOUR questions: What decisions did the US Supreme Court make? What is the health insurance exchange marketplace? Where is Wisconsin in the process of setting up its exchange? When does the Exchange marketplace open? What is the individual mandate tax? How much will the tax be? These […]

Wisconsin’s Waiver Denied

Feds deny Wisconsin’s request to allow health insurance companies to use more of their income for non-health related expenses. In an article posted 2/16/2012 on The Hill by Julian Pecquet we have learned that the Obama administration denied Wisconsin’s request for a waiver from the healthcare law’s medical loss ratio. Steve Larsen, the deputy administrator […]

The Supreme Court and Health Care Reform: the March 2012 Hearings

In this excellent and readable brief from the Kaiser Foundation, the issues being considered by the Supreme Court to those challenging reform are detailed.  The two major Constitutional issues concern: 1) the individual mandate, the requirement that all be insured and 2) the Medicaid expansion which requires all states to cover all people under 138% […]

State of Wisconsin working to join federal health lawsuit, Van Hollen says Joining Florida case will require federal judge’s OK

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article (Jan 10, 2011) says Wisconsin’s attorney general is seeking to join counterparts from other states suing to overturn the federal health law, focusing on a provision requiring Americans to purchase health insurance.  This suit is about the contested Constitutionality of the mandate for coverage.

Insurance industry not supporting repeal of ACA, they lobbied hard to get it the way it is

Article in Ct Mirror notes that several major insurance companies are not joining the Republicans call for repeal of ACA.  Two things were important to them and they lobbied hard and won both:  the mandate (to assure more customers); and they avoided the competition from a public option.  Interesting thoughts about public option coming back […]

Experts Ponder “Plan B” Options for ACA if Mandate is Declared Unconsitutional

There are many parts to ACA.  A main one to encourage insurance of all is the mandate to purchase insurance.  Many on all sides of the aisle haven’t been supportive of a mandate, or at least the way the mandate was going to be enacted with minimal penalties for not buying insurance.  Still, the mandate […]