• Rain Rain Go Away Do I Switch to Soybean From Zea May(s) May 22, 2017
    As growers begin to contemplate switching intended corn acres to soybean, here is a quick checklist of points and questions to consider or reconsider before making that switch. Do I have a residual corn herbicide down that is not labeled for soybean? If the answer to this question is yes, then Don’t Switch Crops. It doesn't matter how much rain we have […]
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  • Soybean Management Strategies to Facilitate Timely Winter Wheat Establishment in 2017 April 28, 2017
    Article written by Dr. Adam Gaspar and Dr. Shawn P. Conley   Winter wheat acres across WI have declined over the past few years due to late grain harvests, disease concerns (FHB or scab) and poor wheat prices, however anyone that lives and works in WI knows that a base number of cereal acres are needed to support the dairy industry (straw and land to summer […]
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Variety Selection

Wisconsin Soybean Variety Trial Results
Why Bin-Run Soybeans Don’t Pay

General Management

Soybean Growth Stages, Iowa State University
Soybean Yield Loss by Growth Stage
Quanitfying the Value of What’s “In” and “On” the Seed

Soil Fertility/Management

Nutrient Management Fast Facts includes crop nutrient recommendations, legume nitrogen credits, estimated nutrient contents for different types of manure, and more
Phosphorus and Potassium Recommendations for Soybean– page 50, “Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Vegetable, and Fruit Crops in Wisconsin
Soil Science Extension website
Nutrient and Pest Management and Integrated Pest Management programs’ website
Carrie Laboski’s NPK et cetera blog

Planter Setup and Maintenance

Spring Planter Checkup
In-Field Planter Adjustments

Planting and Emergence

Factors to Consider if Using Lower Soybean Seeding Rates in 2010
Variable Germination and Emergence in Soybean: Which Seeds Are Still Viable-2009
Predicting When Soybeans Will Emerge
Delayed Soybean Emergence and Cotyledon Loss
Early Season Assessments for Soybean “Stress”


Considerations for Artificial Drying of Soybeans



Updated July 1, 2015
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