• Evaluation of Ascend®: Hormones that stimulate corn root growth - Experiment 2 January 12, 2017
    During good times and bad, but especially years with strong grain prices, numerous products appear on the market that seem too good to be true. Often these products come with wild claims. Little information is available for growers to make an informed decision, so it often becomes a case of “buyer beware.”Ascend® is touted by Winfield Solutions, LLC, as a […]
    Joe Lauer
  • State Corn Yield Contest Winners December 27, 2016
    The winners of the 2016 National Corn Growers Association corn yield contest were announced recently. The highest yield recorded in Wisconsin during 2016 was by Luke Mezera of Bagley who grew Dekalb DKC62-78 which yielded 312.2 bu/A. Winners of the four contests that Wisconsin corn growers are eligible for are shown in Table 1.Table 1. Winners of the 2016 Na […]
    Joe Lauer

Variety Selection

Wisconsin Organic Corn Hybrid Trials
Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Trials
Crop Seed Price Calculator

Soil Fertility/Management

Wisconsin Soil Science Fundamentals video series
Nutrient Management Fast Facts includes crop nutrient recommendations, legume nitrogen credits, estimated nutrient contents for different types of manure, and more
New Nitrogen Recommendations for Corn in 2010
Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Vegetable, and Fruit Crops in Wisconsin— UWEX Pub. A2809, Phosphorus and potassium recommendations are on pages 47 and 48.
Consider No-till or Strip-Till for 2010
Soil Science Extension website
Nutrient and Pest Management and Integrated Pest Management programs’ website
Carrie Laboski’s NPK et cetera blog

Planter Setup/ Maintenance

Spring Planter Checkup
In-field Planter Adjustments


The Risk in Early Planting Dates
Uneven Emergence in Corn
“Switch” Date Decisions for Corn Hybrids
Planting Corn in June and July-What can you expect?

Growth and Development

Corn Growth Stages
Understanding Corn Test Weight


Combine Considerations for a Wet Corn Harvest
Weigh the Risk of Leaving Corn Stand Through Winter



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