Pastures & Grazing

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Pastures and Grazing

Grazing Stockpiled Forage
by Dan Undersander, UW Extension Forage Agronomist

Alpaca Pastures in Wisconsin
by Dan Undersander, UW Extension Forage Agronomist

Pasture Species Selection for Sheep
by Dan Undersander, UW Extension Forage Agronomist

Overseeding Ryegrass on Pasture
by Dan Undersander, Carl Fredericks, and Laura Paine, University of Wisconsin and Grassworks, Inc.

Nitrogen Management for Grass Pastures
by Greg Cuomo, University of Minnesota/West Central Research & Outreach Center 

Photosensitization of Sheep and Goats from Switchgrass Hay
by Dan Undersander, UW Extension Forage Agronomist

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Grazing Resources & Research

Useful Beef Grazing Resources
by Rhonda Gildersleeve, UW Extension Grazing Specialist

Frost Seeding Legumes and Grasses into Established Pastures
by Mike Rankin, UW Extension Crops & Soils Agent

Pod-Line Irrigation of Wisconsin Pastures
by Alex Crockford, UW Extension Educator

Potassium Fertilizer Management of Pastures
by UW Extension Agents K. Barnett, T. Cadwallader, R. Halopka, M. Bendixen, and N. Schneider

Stockpiling Pastures
by Extension Educator Laura Paine and Grazing and Organic Agriculture Specialist Ken Barnett