Forage Variety Trial Results 2014

​   WISCONSIN University of Wisconsin-Department of Agronomy Arlington, Columbia County, Agricultural Research Station Sown May 2011 Released & Experimental Varieties with 2014 Harvest (tons/acre) 2014 2013 2012 3-yr Seeding Year Conventional herbicide 29-May 26-Jun 31-Jul 3-Sep Total^ Total^ Total^ Total^ Total^ STOCKPILE** 2.64 2.36 1.44 0.87 7.32 10.32 6.45 24.09 3.29 MSSUNSTRA-B11* 2.64 2.08 […]


Scissors Clip

Scissors clip allows you to determine the alfalfa forage quality in your region and when to begin harvesting for the quality you desire. Two points to help in planning: Alfalfa RFV changes about 4 points per day Recommend cutting for dairy cows at RFV 170 to get RFV 150 (assuming 15% field losses during harvesting […]


Tools for Performing a Feed Inventory

The video “Tools for Performing a Feed Inventory” has been added to the FORAGE VIDEOS page. This video was done by UW-Extension Professor Emeritus Brian Holmes following the 2012 drought, but contains useful information for any year or time.