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EXTending a hand: See the county fair through a different lens

The Dunn County News

UW-Extension: The 4-H slogan of “Learning by Doing” can provide a framework for carefully viewing the effort of 4-H members during the fair. This is true for all 4-H projects, no matter if it’s the exhibits related to large or small animals, cultural arts, or sciences, the young exhibitors spend the majority of their year learning by experimenting with ideas and crafting their projects.

heat wave

Farm Animals Need To Keep Cool During Heat Waves Too


Bill Halfman a UW-Extension Agent talks heat waves and animal health. During heat waves, farmers need to take precautions for their animals to minimize the risk of injury and sickness from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and humidity.


The Root of it All: Dealing with powdery mildew

The Journal Times 

Jeanne Hilinske-Christensen, M.S, is the Racine County UW-Extension Interim Horticulture Educator talks about powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that attacks several different ornamental plants, such as ninebark, lilac and phlox.


Local food and milk prices could increase in extreme heat


“All it takes is a change in weather patterns where it is hotter where we see a drop in production prices,” said Chippewa County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent Jerry Clark. “Current prices probably won’t be affected immediately, but looking out 3 or 4 months you could start to see milk prices possibly start to come back up.”


Pioneer Talks Crops


The researchers at University of Wisconsin-Extension have developed a nifty model to help predict the risk of white mold presence in soybeans. 

japanese beetles

Japanese beetle has made resurgence in Portage County

The Portage County Gazette 

The Portage County University of Wisconsin-Extension (UW-Extension) office recently reported it has received an increase in calls regarding the Japanese beetle, some callers stating there are thousands of them eating every plant in sight.



Farm provides hands-on education


The Red Cedar Demonstration Farm in Menomonie is a 155-acre three-parcel farm leased by government and education partners to demonstrate the conservation of natural resources. Collaborators include the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Dunn County Land and Water, University of Wisconsin-Extension and Chippewa Valley Technical College.

japanese beetles

They’re Back…Japanese Beetles Return for Annual Feeding

Stevens Point City Times

Seeing a lot of brown and green shiny insects around your yard lately? You’re not alone.

The Portage County UW-Extension office has seen an increase in calls regarding this voracious little critter, some callers stating there are “thousands” of them eating every plant in sight.


Plan ahead when planting berries

Fond du Lac Reporter

The Wisconsin Berry Growers Association, wiberries.org, and the UW Fruit Program, fruit.wisc.edu, list strawberries, raspberries and blueberries as Wisconsin berry crops. Publications on growing these crops in the home garden can be found at the UW-Extension Learning Store, http://learningstore.uwex.edu/.


Gardening: Keep killer tomatoes under control

Green Bay Press Gazette 

For berry crops such as raspberries and blueberries, a structural frame or hoop can be built using rebar over the plants and the net can be suspended over the frame. The sides of the net can be pinned to the ground. For horticulture-related questions and advice, contact Brown County UW-Extension’s Horticulture Help Desk.