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State continues to lag in venture capita

Journal Sentinel

Recent work by Tessa Conroy and Steven Deller of the University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension showed that start-ups here accounted for a smaller share of job creation than in all but three states.


Symposium addresses water concerns of Chequamegon Bay

Ashland Daily Press

In a presentation entitled “Large Scale Livestock Operations and Water Quality: Applying the Lessons of Bayfield County to Ashland County” Ashland and Bayfield County UW-Extension Agricultural Agent Jason Fischbach reviewed the actions taken by Bayfield County in response to a proposed Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation


What would Tommy do?


In early January, UW-Madison economists Steven Deller and Tessa Conroy released a study on Wisconsin job creation that sank beneath the waves with barely a ripple, despite its insight into the Badger State’s sluggish economy. The duo, in a report for the UW-Extension, found that new businesses created the largest share of new jobs in Wisconsin. Roughly half of those jobs “come from the smallest businesses, namely those with fewer than 20 employees,” Deller and Conroy wrote.


Feedback from large dairy public hearing

Republican Journal

Jay Stauffacher, a life long Lafayette County Dairy Farmer, mentioned that the regulations and permits with the CAFOs were done because of what happened on Discovery Farms. The farmer-led program in collaboration with UW-Extension and UW-Madison, has gathered credible and unbiased water quality information on karst limestone bedrock formations, on tile lines and other landscapes throughout Wisconsin to help put in place the CAFO regulations.


Manure Irrigation report addresses information deficit

Wisconsin State Farmer

The Wisconsin Manure Irrigation Workgroup, a UW-Madison/UW-Extension-led group tasked with assessing the potential advantages and concerns associated with manure irrigation, released its final report on April 14 following a webinar presentation about the report’s findings.