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City Council passes beekeeping ordinance

The Fond du Lac City Council unanimously passed an ordinance Wednesday to allow private beekeeping within city limits. The ordinance would put conditions on in-city beekeepers, including a limit of two hives per property, a requirement that hives be built at least 25 feet from property edges and a ban on the sale of honey produced by the hives.


UW-Extension cuts looming

Kenosha County’s University of Wisconsin-Extension services are likely to be affected by cuts in the system, but exactly what that impact will be is uncertain.


What to do in face of bird flu

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been found locally in five Barron County commercial turkey flocks and one Chippewa County commercial turkey flock, to date.


Proposed budget cuts threaten UW Extension agents

On any given day, Lavern Georgson could be helping a farmer with a sick cow or troubleshooting a problem with someone’s backyard Koi pond.

As the University of Wisconsin Extension agriculture agent in Jefferson County, he is the Swiss Army knife of the outdoor world; he has to know something about nearly everything, or at least know where to find the information.


In praise of the praying mantis

One of the most loved insects in the world and one of the most feared by other insects is the praying mantis. The family includes 2200 species in nine families around the world in both temperate and tropical climates. As a group, the preferred term for these insects is mantids, derived from the Greek word meaning soothsayer or prophet. Indeed they do look somewhat spiritual and mysterious especially when their forelegs are clasped together as if in prayer. Although seeming much different, their closest relatives are termites and cockroaches.


Neighbors, city improve neighborhood through trees

For residents in the Millers Bay neighborhood, one of the most valued characteristics is the mature trees that line their streets.

Knowing the value a tree provides, the Millers Bay Neighborhood Association worked with the city to develop the Tree Project, a three-pronged approach to keeping the existing trees healthy while ensuring trees are around for future residents.


EXTending a hand in Dunn County

If you’re like us, the countdown to summer began back in February when yet another snow storm or round of the sniffles was combated with dreams of warm weather and putting on a pair of shorts just to spite the fact that it was -15 degrees outside. Well, summer is finally here, and the 4-Hers of Dunn County are more than ready to take full advantage of what 4-H offers.


Laying the groundwork for FTD

LINN TOWNSHIP — If you think planning your neighborhood barbecue is a challenge, try the logistics of coordinating an event for an estimated 60,000 visitors, complete with parking, food vendors, agricultural exhibits and demonstrations.


New downtown Farmers Market gets good reviews

Opening day of Fond du Lac’s Downtown Farmers Market smelled of rhubarb, Coney Island hotdogs and fresh–roasted coffee.

Business was brisk for vendors, who were located for the first time on Saturday in Fond du Lac’s downtown district along Main Street. For years the market operated out of a parking lot at the intersection of Linden Street and Western Avenue.