Teach Online Using the WisMOP Template

The Wisconsin Model for Online Programming (WisMOP) is a highly customizable collection of CE Technology Services supported tools to give you a jump-start in getting your programming or courses online and reach a wider audience. WisMOP allows users to pick and choose tools like WordPress, Google Drive, YouTube,  Google Communities and more to create engaging, mobile-friendly instruction online. Two examples of how WisMOP has been used are demonstrated in the webinar archive below. WisMOP can support fully online, flipped or blended learning opportunities.

Teach Online with WisMOP (Tech Tuesday webinar, recorded 11/18/16, 45 min):

For more information or to start your instructional design consultation, contact Molly Immendorf, molly.immendorf@ces.uwex.edu, 608.263.3843.

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