SharePoint 2010 Resources

The UW Cooperative Extension Intranet Using SharePoint consists of three parts: Workspaces, MySites and  Intranet. Workspaces gives teams a collaborative work space. MySites  brings social networking and document storage to individuals. The Intranet component currently houses the global site and people Search functionality plus Help files.



It is strongly recommended that you save these URLs to your Favorites/Bookmarks for quick access.


Login accounts

Logging in to the Coop Intranet uses your UW-Extension email login account and password. Of course nothing can be easy, so unlike your other logins which use just “firstname.lastname”, this system will require the full email address. For most of you that will be: “”.  (Some groups, such as Wisconsin Geologic and Natural History Survey have different email addresses.)

If the email login does not work for you, you can use the following format: “uwcx\firstname.lastname”.

Option 1
Option 2 uwcx\firstname.lastname

Questions or Login Issues?

Call or email the CES Helpdesk: 1-800-760-7610


Help blog

Within SharePoint 2010, there are many step-by-step instructions for common tasks: (login required)

Here are some Help articles to get you started with some common tasks…

As a site member or owner:

Workspace Window and Navigating and Workspace

Searching SharePoint

Uploading Documents

Downloading a Document to Your Computer

Creating a New Folder

Deleting an Item

Creating Alerts (notifications via email)


As a site owner:

Adding a colleague to your Workspace as a site member

Removing (Deleting) a site member

Editing a Workspace Homepage

Creating a new library in a workspace

Creating sub-sites (workspace templates)

Edit the Quick Launch Bar


SharePoint Demos (Tech Tuesdays)

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