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Twitter continues to grow in importance and use both within Cooperative Extension and beyond.  In the latest Dean’s WisLine, Karl Martin mentioned that he will continue to tweet often as a way to communicate with colleagues and external audiences. Karl’s not alone, many of our leaders are embracing Twitter to share thoughts, happenings, and articles.

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Should It Be an App?

Occasionally, we are asked if CE Tech Services does mobile app development.  Because of limited staff resources, we are not able to create mobile apps at this time. But the bigger question is really, “Should it be an app?”  Thankfully, our Cooperative Extension colleagues at the Ohio State University and New Mexico State University have […]

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CETS Training Available

Relevant, Flexible, and Digital?! What training is available to help me get up to speed? Never fear, your Tech Services colleagues want you to feel comfortable using a wide variety of technology tools, software and services.  Here are some options for planning your technology professional development.