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Tech Tuesday: Introduction to Office Mix

So what would you think if I told you about an add-on for PowerPoint 2016/2013 for Windows that adds the ability to: screencapture, capture webcam video, capture live slide annotations, record narration and export it to video you can share on YouTube? How about if I told you it is FREE? Amazing, right?! Learn more […]

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CETS Training Available

Relevant, Flexible, and Digital?! What training is available to help me get up to speed? Never fear, your Tech Services colleagues want you to feel comfortable using a wide variety of technology tools, software and services.  Here are some options for planning your technology professional development.


Google Hangout Office Hours

Periodically, CE Tech Services offers open or topic-specific Google Hangouts during which colleagues may join to have specific questions answered live. These may be used to test system set-ups, ask how-to questions and/or learn from each other.