Drought and Watering of Ornamental Plants

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Many of our established woody ornamentals can survive periods of prolonged drought. In response to drought conditions, some of our woody ornamentals, both native and exotic, can start the annual fall leaf defoliation a bit early during prolonged drought conditions.  Leaves can also turn brown and curl on the edges and drop in mass quantities, particularly on species such as linden, birch, dogwood (red twig, yellow twig, pagoda, and Corneliancherry dogwoods), and hydrangeas.  What can we do to help plants handle this dry situation?  Water!  The recommendation of 1″ of water per week per plant is very important, even in the fall. Watering is particularly important for herbaceous perennials, as their root system is not as extensive as woody tree and shrub roots.

Dr. Laura Jull, woody ornamental Extension specialist provides information about taking care of trees in a drought in this article.

Water Your Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers

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Lawns that turn brown in midsummer may cause you needless worry and work.  Most grasses found in our landscapes naturally turn brown in summer in response to the drought and become dormant from a lack of water or too much heat.  With rain though, the lawn will green up.  It is not dead.  Just because you lawn is dormant, doesn’t mean the rest of your yard doesn’t need water. Trees, shrubs and other plants in your yard don’t go dormant when there is a lack of rain. They continue to lose water and become stressed during drought conditions even if they are well established.

The full article is here.

How is drought affecting trees?

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This Extension forester explains how drought can affect trees and what you can do to help protect them.

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