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2017 Pasture Walk Schedule

Beef Cattle Pasture Walk & Fencing Demonstration

Wednesday, June 7th 1-3pm
Stoneman Farm, Kevin & Keely Oppermann, 2559 South Syene Rd, Fitchburg

Kevin & Keely Oppermann are hosting a Pasture Walk and Fence Fixing Demonstration at Stoneman Farm, on Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Kevin & Keely operate a cow-calf grass-fed beef operation with Scottish Highland catte. They have used the Scottish Highlands to clear woody brush species on this and their rented land.

1:00 – 1:30 We will be looking at his well-established diverse forage pastures, recently seeded pastures and pastures that will again be grazed to remove woody species. The difference in soil health differences in these pastures will be compared.

1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Randy Cutler and Edward, Cutler Fence, LLC will lead a demonstration in the repair of existing fence and construction of high tensile electric perimeter fence. This event will provide hands-on experience in fence repair, fence design, corner construction, portable fence usage, and proper energizer selection and energizer grounding. Fencing options for beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, hogs & horses will be presented. Discover the ins and outs of fencing for livestock, including planning, placement, and practicality of making fence!

Eventbrite - Beef Cattle Pasture Walk & Fencing Demonstration

Organic Dairy Cattle Pasture Walk & Soil Health Demonstration

Wednesday, August 23rd 1-3pm
R&G Miller & Sons, Inc., 1706 County Road V, Columbus

R&G Miller & Sons, a member of Organic Valley, operates a 350-cow organic dairy with about 1200
acres of pasture and cropland.

1-2pm = Justin Morris, NRCS Regional Soil Health Specialist, will be leading a demonstration on soil
health in pastures. This hands-on demonstration will show aggregate stability and infiltration.
Using soils from different fields on the farm, Justin will run the rainfall simulator.

2-3pm = A field specialist from Organic Valley will take us on a tour of the pastures to discuss pasture renovation and species selection.

Eventbrite - Organic Dairy Cattle Pasture Walk & Soil Health Demonstration

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