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Measuring Success

How do you Measure success regarding milk quality? Check out these key performance indicators for microbial quality bulk milk to see how your farm is performing. Key performance indicators and sources of typical bacteria used to troubleshoot problems with bacteriological quality of raw bulk milk. Other key performance indicators include: • Qualitative bulk milk cultures […]

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Livestock Stewardship

Livestock stewardship has an impact on animal well-being, but how we handle animals has an impact on the public’s perception.  As part of Wisconsin Public Television’s University Place program Livestock Stewardship, Heidi Carroll, Extension Associate at South Dakota State University, discusses the shift from scientific control over animal care to individual responsibility. Carroll delves into […]

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UWEX Offers Dairy Farm Employee Workshop on Calf Management & the Use of ATP Meters for Equipment Cleaning Protocols

Measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a common method food processors and health care industries are using to measure the effectiveness of their cleaning procedures. An ATP meter measures organic material present on surfaces which otherwise appear to be clean to the naked eye.   The Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has adapted ATP usage to on-farm calf […]


Veterinary Feed Directive: VFD Requirements & Recordkeeping

There are key changes to the Veterinary Feed Directive going into effect on January 1, 2017.  In the podcast VFD Requirements & Recordkeeping UW-Extension Oconto County Agriculture Agent Sarah Mills-Lloyd talks about how the Veterinary Feed Directive  is going to affect recordkeeping on the farm. For more information regarding the Veterinary Feed Directive please visit […]

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Good Handling Skills and Dairy Cow Comfort

We recognize cow comfort and handling skills can have a significant impact on health and performance of the cow.  As part of Wisconsin Public Television’s University Place program Good Handling Skills and Dairy Cow Comfort, Ohio State University Animal Welfare & Behavior Extension Specialist Katy Proudfoot addresses ways to identify and measure the level of […]