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7 Habits that Minimize Labor Issues

Labor issues are becoming more common on Wisconsin dairy farms as operations become larger and family labor becomes smaller. A few years ago, Latino workers would drive to farms looking for work. Now, farm employers are struggling to find sufficient numbers of quality workers. Some farms are implementing robotic milking to reduce labor issues, while […]

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Economics of Dairy Cattle Hoof Health

When it comes to health issues on a dairy farm, lameness is usually a main concern along with mastitis and reproductive issues. Lameness includes any abnormality which causes a cow to change the way she walks. It can be caused by a range of foot and leg conditions including foot rot, digital dermatitis, laminitis, and […]


Skid Steer Handling Skills

Wisconsin dairy farms have gone through constant change when it comes to handling materials on the farm.  Forty to fifty years ago it was the traditional method of the shovel and pitchfork, the arm-strong method, when it came to moving feed and cleaning out barns.  Today, farm operators have moved to the tractor and loader. […]

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Selecting Herds and Cows for Selective Dry Cow Therapy

The use of antibiotic dry cow therapy at the end of lactation is a standard part of mastitis control programs, and in the United States it is highly adopted.  In fact, USDA National Animal Health Monitoring Survey data shows more than 80 percent of US dairy herds treat 100 percent of the quarters of their […]

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Non-Enclosed Manure Storage Tips

Injuries and fatalities occur in confined space manure storages that are enclosed, such as beneath animal quarters; or below-ground reception and pump out pits; and in non-enclosed earthen, synthetic or concrete lined manure storages. However, injuries can also occur with non-enclosed manure storages are open to the atmosphere but may meet the definition of a confined space in […]