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Mastitis Severity Scoring

In spite of considerable improvements in milk quality, mastitis continues to be the most frequent and costly disease of dairy cows.  The use of on farm culturing to direct treatment of clinical mastitis gives farmers the opportunity to make better treatment decisions and reduce costs associated with milk discard and treatment of microbiologically negative cases. […]

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Transition Cattle Inside for Winter

A  number of factors must be considered when moving dairy heifers or beef cattle inside for the winter after being outside for part or all of the summer season. The type of housing needed will depend on the enterprise and purpose of the animal. Most farms have facilities or systems already in place. Cattle may […]


There’s No Excuse for Irresponsible Drug Use

Successful dairy farmers work hard to prevent disease, but sometimes cows develop illnesses that require the use of antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals. The use of drugs in animals that produce food is highly regulated, and consumers expect residue-free products. While most milk and dairy beef is produced from healthy, residue-free animals, when drug residues occur, […]


Dairy Cattle Hoof Care Seminar-December 9

Foot health and lameness are major issues facing today’s dairy producers. To help aid with these issues, UW-Extension will be hosting a Dairy Cattle Hoof Care Seminar on Wednesday, December 9, at Liberty Hall in Kimberly, WI. Presenters include Roger Olson, Zinpro Midwest Dairy Specialist, on “Footbaths: a problem solution or a solution to your problem.” […]


Timing is Everything in Pregnancy

Identification of nonpregnant dairy cows early after insemination, and coupling a nonpregnancy diagnosis with a strategy to rapidly rebreed nonpregnant cows, can improve the pregnancy rate in a dairy herd. This can be accomplished twofold by reducing the interval between A.I. services, thereby raising A.I. service rate. Methods for early pregnancy diagnosis in cattle can […]