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Clandeboye Champion Willow

Fertility Programs to Achieve High 21-day Pregnancy Rates

Hormonal synchronization protocols have been incorporated widely into reproductive management programs by dairy farmers (Caraviello et al., 2006; Norman et al., 2009). The initial impact of timed AI protocols on 21-day pregnancy rates in U.S. dairy herds has been to increase the AI service rate (Norman et al., 2009); however, a deeper understanding of the […]

Tractor on the winter feed

High Quality Forages

Even in the highest producing herds, forage is the main source of fiber and base line milk production. You already understand forage quality? Do you ever experience milk production loss from less than ideal forage? We can always do better; we can improve profitability, improve production, animal  health and reduce purchased feeds with high quality […]

heifers in field

Putting a Price Tag on Raising Dairy Replacements

The heifer rearing price tag varies farm to farm, so obtaining an industry average can be difficult. Still, producers want to know general rearing costs and would like benchmarks to compare themselves to. For this reason, UW Extension agriculture agents in Wisconsin collected data from real dairy farms and custom calf and heifer growers in […]

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The Role of Nutrition in Reproduction

Management, genetics, physiology and nutrition all play an important role in improving dairy reproduction on the farm.  But the question today is, what is the role of nutrition in improving reproductive efficiency in today’s dairy herds? In the DAIReXNET webinar The Role of Nutrition in Reproduction, Dr. Milo Wiltbank, UW-Madison Department of Dairy Science, discusses […]

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Handling Down Cows

Properly handling cows is one of the most important responsibilities for dairy herd managers and employees.  How you care for compromised animals that depend on you is a reflection of your character, values and priorities. Disabled cattle must be handled humanely at all times.  In the factsheet Handling Down Cows, UW-Extension Waupaca County Agriculture Agent […]