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The Ideal Footbath

A footbath is one of the most important tools used on farms to prevent lameness and maintain hoof health. When used properly and paired with a disinfectant, a footbath can prevent and control foot rot and digital dermatitis on dairy farms. Recently, the recommendations for footbath dimensions have changed after new research was conducted at […]

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Veterinary Feed Directive

There is only one thing for certain in our lives:  change.  And if you are a producer  who uses antimicrobial medicated feed for prevention or treatment of disease in livestock, a modification to how you currently purchase this feed is looming on the horizon. In the factsheet Veterinary Feed Directive, UW-Extension Oconto County Agriculture Agent […]

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Maybe You Shouldn’t Dry Treat All of Your Cows

Questions about the use of antibiotics in agriculture are widespread.  The use of antibiotics as therapy for animals that have disease is an important practice for humane husbandry.  Wise use of antibiotics utilizing the best science-based information will help us protect and preserve the continued use of these products to help producers manage their herds […]

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Revisiting Starch for Dairy Cows

Historically, dairy cattle nutrition research and feeding guidelines for carbohydrates have focused mainly on fiber.  From this research base, the National Research Council (NRC) has long provided and continually updated the minimum dietary fiber recommendations for maintaining normal milkfat content and rumen function in dairy cattle.  Unlike fiber, starch for dairy cattle only has been […]

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Hoof Health & Housing

Dairy cow housing facilities are a double edge sword when it comes to hoof health and  lameness. Built right and managed properly, housing facilities can limit the problem and aid recovery. According to Dr. Nigel Cook at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, achieving and maintaining high level dairy production are directly related to hoof […]