Stakeholder Delegation

The Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern Stakeholder Delegation

To become a Member of the Stakeholder Input Group (SIG) Delegation we need your information so that we can communicate with you about meetings and input that you provide, as well as updates along the way.

Send your contact information to:

Gail Epping Overholt
UW-Extension Natural Resources Educator


The Delegation will be called upon to provide feedback on project plans and strategies from an integrated community viewpoint and to serve as ambassadors to the greater community.

The Delegation is a group of community representatives highly informed regarding the Milwaukee Estuary AOC and its restoration and will work parallel to, and in concert with, the technical teams and AOC restoration staff.  In partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), University of Wisconsin- Extension (UWEX), and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Delegation will enhance community awareness and encourage participation in restoration activities in collaboration with local partners.

The Delegation is coordinated by the UW-Extension Natural Resources Educator.

Map of the AOC (WDNR)

Map of the AOC (WNDR)

Potential Delegation members:
Educational institutions
Businesses in the AOC
Private  Citizens
Landowners within the AOC
Organizations/Individuals that use the AOC
Representatives of local governments within the AOC


The Delegation will meet as needed.

When available, an expert in the specific topic area will give a brief presentation meant to spur discussion among the Delegation.  These discussions can then be focused towards addressing the charge of the Delegation, which is to provide stakeholder input into the delisting strategies and documentation.

Furthermore, the Delegation may endorse particular projects or strategies that are discussed at its meetings.  Endorsement may be requested by project applicants for proposed projects.  The Delegation will serve as a platform for members of the greater community and technical experts to share information and their comments and concerns about proposed actions within the AOC.

Delegate Expectations:

1)     Actively participate in meetings you choose to attend.
2)     Be a good steward of the AOC.
3)     Help support Delegation initiatives by providing timely feedback, generating new ideas, distributing materials, and sharing knowledge with others outside of the Delegation, particularly to the larger SIG.

The Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern Stakeholder Input Group (SIG) includes dozens of people who have attended stakeholder input meetings.  Due to the large number of individuals, we are forming a “Delegation” of SIG members that will serve as an outreach advisory panel on behalf of the SIG.


  • To provide guidance and review of strategic material and programs developed to

1) raise the knowledge base about the Milwaukee Estuary AOC and Remedial Action Plan

2) create opportunities for meaningful public engagement, and

3) elevate community awareness of the specific priority issues identified by the Delegation.


  • Identify community partnership opportunities to foster new initiatives that advance community support for and endorsement of AOC clean-up and enhancement projects that lead to delisting
  • Support and complement Milwaukee Estuary AOC outreach, education and public participation efforts
  • Serves as a sounding board for AOC Agency Staff (UWEX and DNR)
  • Generating new ideas and approaches
  • Communicate to the SIG about Delegation actions and activities as appropriate
  • Serve as a resource for SIG members
  • When sanctioned to do so, serve as the “voice” for the SIG


Benefits of your commitment as a Delegate

  • Special opportunities for delegation-specific field trips and workshops that will enhance your understanding of AOC projects & processes.
  • Additional opportunities to visit locations in the AOC with guidance from experts and project staff
  • Support to attend AOC-specific statewide meetings when funds are available

UW-Extension’s Natural Resource Educator, Gail Epping Overholt, will serve as facilitator for the Delegation initially but will share that role with Delegates as appropriate.

Current Delegates include:

Matt Aho, Ozaukee Fish Passage Program
Todd Brennan, Alliance for the Great Lakes
Ann Brummitt, Milwaukee Water Commons
Kim Forbeck, Urban Ecology Center
Tony Gibson, Groundwork MilwaukeeJohn Hacker, Private Citizen
Sheldyn Himle, Private Citizen
Andrew Struck, Ozaukee County Planning
Katie Williams, UWM Graduate Student
Corey Zetts, Menomonee Valley Partners
Aaron Zeleski, River Revitalization Foundation
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