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Resources for ‘Pickle Bill’ processors

-Information from Dr. Barbara Ingham, Food Science Professor, Extension Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Selling Home-Canned Foods: Do It Safe, Do It Legal

To process most foods in Wisconsin for sale, you must be licensed. This requirement provides assurance to you and your customers that the food that you process is safe and wholesome. Wisconsin Act 101 (the Pickle Bill) allows you to sell some home-canned foods without a license under certain circumstances. A copy of Wisconsin Act 101 can be found here:

Informing yourself will help make sure you sell food that is safe and allowed by law.  For the most up-to-date information, please visit this fact sheet:  Selling Home-Canned Foods: Do It Safe, Do It Legal (pdf)

Not sure if your product can be sold without a license? Contact University of Wisconsin Extension: 608-263-7383 or Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection: 608-224-4682

For more information on food safety, please visit the website:

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