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Prepare for Operating on Roads in 2016

Operating farm machinery on the road is a topic that brings up many question. As a farmer, chemical applicator, custom operator or nutrient applicator and operating equipment on public roads brings up a variety of concerns. In the past three years, major changes were made to laws governing the operation of agricultural vehicles on Wisconsin […]

Non-enclosed manure storage should be assessed to determine employee exposure to safety and health hazards.

Manure Storage and Handling Rescue Training to be held August 10th

Manure storage and handling systems have changed in recent years due in part to new technologies and application restrictions. These systems have potential hazards to workers and rescuers that include confined spaces. The gasses produced by manure as it decomposes require extra precautions when working with manure storage and handling systems. In 2015, 2 individuals […]


Announcing 2016 County Farm Safety Grant Applications

The University of Wisconsin Center for Agricultural Safety and Health announces the availability of $ 19,200 to award grants for sponsoring farm safety and health education, training or informational programs. Grants will be awarded for amounts up to $500.00 per county with groups securing or providing equal matching funds. Proposals are due by March 21, […]


OSHA LEP “Dairy Dozen” Continues for 2015-16.

OSHA  programmed inspections of Wisconsin dairy farms will continue for the federal fiscal year of October 1, 2015-September 30, 2016.  Local Emphasis Program (LEP) inspections focus on 12 common hazardous dairy farm activities or the “Dairy Dozen.”  Inspections are to include facilities and operations where farm employees are engaged in the dairy farm operations including […]


Act 15 Changes to IoH and Ag CMV Laws

 Act 15 took effect on April 30, 2015, to clarify and modify certain provisions. The most significant changes include: Modified the definition of an Ag CMV and allows Ag CMVs that directly harvest farm products, distribute feed to livestock, or apply lime, spray, seeds, or fertilizer (but not manure) to have the same axle weight […]

Two packing tractors on a horizontal silo.

New Video on Horizontal Silo Management

Interested in making quality forage in your horizontal silos? Wanting to train your employees on horizontal silo management including safety? Horizontal Silo Management -Doing it Right is a new 4-part video series developed and produced by UW-Extension Center for Agricultural Safety and Health in cooperation with University of Wisconsin – Extension Dairy and Forage Teams.  Horizontal […]


Employer Responsibilities When Hiring Youth Workers

A neighbor’s teenager comes to you looking for summertime work. You could use some extra help on the farm and remember reading about Department of Labor Child Labor Rules. Yes, there are regulations related to youth employment in agriculture that as an employer it is important know. Youth employees, like all employees, are to be […]

A color photo of an Ag CMV operating on a road. These farm vehicles may be eligible to use dyed fuels.

Dyed Fuel Use in Ag CMVs

In the outreach for WI Act 377 the new definition of an Ag CMV brought up questions related to using dyed fuel in these vehicles. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (http://www.revenue.wi.gov/) has updated Publication 307 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Information. Publication 307 has been updated to provide information related to using in dyed fuel in […]


Time for Annual Tractor Operator Training

Spring weather is arriving to Wisconsin and soon fieldwork activities will be in full swing. Are your employees or family members ready for the work ahead operating farm tractors or machinery?    OSHA standard 29 CFR1928.51 provides guidance on basic requirements to include in your tractor operator safety. Whether the operator is a hir Your training session […]