AgrAbility Service Delivery Manual

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Brief Overview of AgrAbility
  3. Guiding Principles of Service Delivery
  4. Ethical Standards
  5. Building a Resource Base
    Exercise: Building a Resource Base
  6. Service Delivery Coordination
  7. Components of Service Delivery
    1. Provide Information and Referral Services
      Exercise: Providing Information and Referral Service
    2. Determine Eligibility and Conduct Intake
      1. Confidentiality
        Best Practice: Protect Confidentiality of Records
      2. Recordkeeping and File Maintenance
        Best Practice: Recordkeeping and File Maintenance
        Best Practice: Data Collection
      3. Interviewing Techniques
        Listening Exercise- Audio
      4. Nonverbal Communication
      5. Working with Farmers, Ranchers, and Farmworkers from Diverse Cultures

    3. Secure Appropriate Resources and Develop Partnerships
      1. Applying for Vocational Rehabilitation Services
        What is VR?
        Myths about VR
        What is Order of Selection?
        Best Practice: Building a Partnership with VR
      2. Applying for Social Security Benefits
      3. Utilizing your Cooperative Extension Resources and Services

    4. Conduct Assessments
      Best Practice: Art of Assessment
      Best Practice: Protocol and Safety
      1. Functional Assessments
        Best Practice: Functional Assessments
      2. Agricultural Assessment
        Identify the M & M’s
        Best Practice: Task Analysis
        Exercise: Agricultural assessment
      3. Home Accessibility Assessment

    5. Develop an Individualized Plan of Action
      1. Discussion Points
        Decision Hierarchy for Task Solutions
        Role of VR
      2. Writing a Plan of Action
        Best Practice: Writing a ‘Rich’ Report for VR
        Best Practice: Recommending Products and Getting Quotes
        What is the Individual Plan for Employment (IPE)?
    6. Implement the Plan of Action
      Best Practice: Implement the Plan of Action
    7. Provide Follow up and Closure

  8. Special Thanks
  9. Conclusion