Angels herald Christmas during capitol pageant

Last-minute photo gift ideas

Only a few more days till Christmas. Are you filled with that holiday spirit yet? To me, the winter holidays mean two things: giving and taking . . . giving photo-related gifts and taking seasonal photos. If you’re looking for last-minute photo gift ideas to share with 4-H photo project members, there are dozens of […]

Is it time to upgrade your camera?

Deciding on a camera

So, you want a new digital camera for the holidays! But what should you buy? Today there are tons of options, which is good and bad. You have a much better chance today to get the camera you want at the price you want, but you will have to do some work to find it. […]

4-H Earthlings on nature photo walks

Photo walks . . . with a purpose

In my last blog, I encouraged your 4-H photo project members to consider a group photo activity that would take some time to complete. The Sauk Prairie Earthlings 4-H Club of Sauk County, Wisconsin, took the suggestion to heart. During 2010, the Earthlings photographed nature around the twin cities of Sauk City and Prairie du […]

Clouds could be your topic

Ideas for extended photo activities

It’s time to celebrate the past 4-H photo project year and start planning for the next. Why not start with an extended activity that will carry your group through your next county fair. A group activity is a fun way to include everyone and to keep them excited throughout the project year. Following are some […]

20101014-_DSC7432-Edit low res

Back again with 4-H photo blogs

Hi again. After a summer hiatus, my 4-H photography resources blog is back again for one more year. Starting next Monday, Oct. 25, I’ll be posting twice-monthly blog items through September 2011. It’s good to be back. Our state 4-H photo advisory committee, a veteran group of 4-H photo leaders and staff members, has given […]


Three more photo books for youth

A few weeks ago in one of my posts, I lamented the fact that I could find few recent photo books for young people. But Joe Courneya, Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension 4-H, saw my post and shared information on two more photo books, including one written by a former 4-H member. While checking […]

2010 Top 12 Collage

State 4-H photo display: top 12

Each spring our state 4-H photo advisory group has the privilege of selecting the “top 12” photos in the latest Wisconsin 4-H Youth Photo Display. About 10 of us gather in Madison to do the judging. Most of us are registered county fair photo judges, so we’re used to critiquing the interesting work of our […]

Wedding dance in color

Explore black-and-white photography

During my county fair judging the last few years, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of black-and-white photo exhibits. So I asked one young exhibitor, “Why black and white?” “Because it’s more ‘pure’ than color,” he said. I didn’t get a chance to ask him follow-up questions, but my guess is that he was […]

You Be the Photo Judge - page 1

Photo Project Meeting 5

Congratulations. You’re halfway home! With this meeting you’re starting the second half of  your 4-H photo project year. In Meeting 5, you’ll look backward at your group photo field trip and then forward to the county fair this summer. Here’s a possible agenda.


Photo quotes worth a thousand words

Photographer Alfred Stieglitz was once asked, “How does a photographer learn?” “By looking,” he answered, I love that quote, not only because it was said by Stieglitz, who died on the day I was born, July 13, 1946, but also because it’s simply stated and true. You don’t learn photography by buying more expensive cameras […]